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Visa Acquisition Services

Stress-free Traveling

What is one of the most hectic aspects of traveling to another country? It’s visa processing! But you don’t have to worry anymore; Strategy Global Trading is here to help you make the most of your trip by coordinating all your travel and transportation needs for your visa. Strategy Global Trading is a trusted global tech-enabled services partner for governments and citizens. It has transformed the system into a streamlined process incorporating information distribution, automated application and appointment system assistance lines, fee collection and remittance, biometric registration, and convenient value-added services to improve the applicant’s experience.

Data collection and verification

Strategy Global Trading guarantees that an applicant’s identity is established by collecting biometric and biographic information and ensuring it meets the government’s requirements. Entering provided information into processing systems (which currently involves manual data entry for paper-based applications), information verification, provision of complete and correct information, and requesting additional information when supplied material is insufficient or incorrect are just a few critical services we offer.