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Debt Collection and Recovery

Debt Collections

Over the last few years, debt collection has seen a transformation in terms of customer service.Thanks to technological advancements, what used to be a stressful, tedious process has become a convenient, consumer-driven one. Consumers have a variety of commitments with a variety of suppliers. Debt products can be difficult to understand, but you don’t have to worry anymore. Our award-winning debt collection software system covers the whole debt lifecycle, automating routine operations and facilitating customer connection via traditional and digital channels.

Debt Recovery

Collecting the indebted amount that a debtor owes you on your behalf is how we describe debt recovery services in a nutshell. A third-party debt collection agency (working outside the creditor’s organization) can provide these services.Debt collection and recovery software from Strategy Global Trading handles credit risk throughout the account lifecycle, from disbursement to write-off or debt sale, with quick and easy integrations in weeks.