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    Booking, Revocation & Refund Policy

    All services provided by Strategy Global Trading are priced differently. The service charges are open to mutual consent between the management and the client (you).

    Despite impeccable service quality, there can be instances when our services you might want to revoke our services. In case of revocation, refunds will only be generated under the following conditions:

    • Once you book a service, the booking amount is paid under the non-refundable category.
    • The revocation of service only accounts for a refund for the service and not the booking fee.

    Example: If you are charged $350 for a service and a $100 booking amount, your total billed amount shall be $450. However, if you terminate the service, you’ll only be refunded the fee ($350), not the booking amount ($100).

    • As a services company, we do not offer a 100% refund for a service partially delivered. Refund in case of revocation once the service has been initiated shall be after a partial deduction.